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Our Taggers

The driving force behind our datasets.

Data Annotation Experts

Industry Experts

Young Adults

Social Service Beneficiaries

Anyone can become part of the Tagger community, all it takes is a mobile device. The Tictag app turns tough data preparation challenges into short and simple tasks. Giving Taggers a fun and easy way to earn rewards and learn new skills.

Tictag team ensures quality of datasets through our Truetag system

Our taggers accept the tasks and collect data anywhere they are, at anytime through the app

Dataset requirements are deployed to the Tictag app

Our Social Impact Partners

High Fives

Data For Good

Tictag turns your data preparation challenges into a force for good. Through the Tictag app people can secure a secondary source of income that is safe and fair. We actively involve the vulnerable, elderly and underpriviledged as part of the Tagger community, giving everyone a chance to benefit from good data.

Elderly and Retired Community

Low-Income Community

Persons with Disabilities

How do we ensure quality data through crowdsourcing?

Truetag System

Ensuring accuracy for every piece of data.

Gamification and leveling combines the best of crowdsourcing and outsourcing.

AI-assisted tech helps in pre-filtering bad tags and generating initial tags.

Proprietary algorithms calculate and redistribute tasks based on consensus between Taggers.

Human verification by our Super Taggers and internal QC team verifies that labels are accurate.

Truetag System
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